Finally got a chance to try out this much talked about place where to get a table here for lunch at 13:30 is like fighting off pirates!! The staff amongst all this chaos appeared to be perfectly in sync and restored order at the entrance. So thatz a guud start.. got the table for 2 after a grueling 28 mins, then started the Non stop BBq express!! our steward loaded our table with a grill and checked on our meat preferances. we stuck to the basics and jus picked two to grill a fish and a chicken tikka. We headed down to the Wish grill section where the chef was all to happy to mix up your fav ingredients to you “wish dish” which was a nice touch. The Main Courses were pretty Meh!!! but a must have here is the AB daal and mirch ka saalan. Coming straight to the desserts lovved a couple of them like the cheni rabri and the Mirco Gulab Jamuns!! but I guess tbis counters USP was the ColdStone Icecream Mix choose a flavor and mix your toppings.. they have tried to cater to every tastebud and I guess that appears to be their key to success. .. But Jack of all sometimes doesn’t always work out. One thing they need to work on is Free Basement Parking What I didnt like was the fact that due to waiting here I ended up paying for an Extra Hour & The fact that when I called up the call center for a reservation (on the listed number) it kept on going to fax… On A separate note… I used the Zomato Cashless for the first time and it worked brilliantly! !