Visited this place for lunch over weekend with friends. First was not aware of the setup / style of the restaurant service, so ended up eating a lot of the grilled stuff (which was yummy and hot)

Grilled starters: the service staff take orders for your grilled starters and start bringing in skewers of items you have ordered and placing them in front of you! They have customized the tables to keep the skewers with the grilled meat on the table in front of the guests, (great concept). So it’s better to be aware of the style of service and cuisine first to avoid any surprises (though pleasant), and to keep some space for the other food to follow.
Fried or grilled corn was interesting and popular
Also you must try the grilled pineapple with cinnamon flavour, it’s quite yummy even if you don’t like pineapple otherwise!

Main courses: Because I and a couple friends devoured the grilled items, we were left with little space to accommodate the main courses and the side dishes and the dessert on the buffet. The restaurant has mainly Indian fare, and a variety of items on the buffet, including the regular Indian stuff on the main course with some Chinese, Thai, Italian inspired items. They were all pretty good! It also has offerings like pani-puri and chaat, plus you can choose ingredients to be freshly made by the chef for you in your style at one counter which could be delivered at your table so you can go back to eating instead of waiting for your items to be prepared.

Dessert: Umm Ali (or Omali (as they had spelt) was very well prepared. The other products tried by my friends were good too.

N.B: A friend found a fly in his line drink and the same was immediately replaced. Plus they didn’t charge us for any of our drinks as a compensation. Btw the friend who found the fly has rated them higher than me…that goes a long way and talks volumes of the place! (Being a food industry auditor, I think they need to have a insect killer at the restaurant entrance!)

The place was big and still quite full inspire of the access to the location being not very easy (although the it right on SZR) .

Visit here with a good appetite!