Wow.. Where does one begin ? This is one of those places you can frequent with any crowd coz AB sets the right mood. I’ve been there thrice and am yet to dig in to their main course. Why ? Coz I could never get past the starters. You have this barbecue on your table and skewers of chicken, fish and prawns just keep coming. This is accompanied with cheese potatoes or some other special of the day. If you feel a bit too full, keep an eye out for the grilled pineapple and you’re ready for more 😎

If you’ve had a few drinks, then this is the place to be. Being a certified carnivore, I’d tears of joy the first time I came here. Plus the wish grill – oh the wish grill ! Say what – words cannot do justice – Just go and eat.

Among my best dining experiences in the city.
Great ambience, great people and mighty good food.